The Ghost Project : Halloween 2013

halloween_2013-1This year, We wanted to do a very pure, monochromatic look for Halloween, since we used to do a lot of gore look and makeup in the previous years. We were inspired by one of last Vogue issues based on Timothy Burton’s work, which I admire and follow since childhood, the whole serie was all in black and white clothings, very simple, with very emaciated faces, pale eyes.
Shot was done in the woods near my house, which I can’t enough of !


The story is based on a wood witch, nicknamed The Light Lady by the villagers around, as she wears only white clothes and appears as a sort of divinity for those people. She actually is a necromancian, trying to wake up the dead from the realm of souls, and after years and years of rituals, it finally worked on the night before All Hallows Eve in the village : She found the breathing corpse of a young aristocrat of the castle nearby, Mary Jane Moonheart.


The witch cast a spell on her, obligating her to stay at her side for all eternity.

Thanks Kévin and Charlotte for the help and backstage pictures !


We used a lot of MAC products this time, lenses are from http://www.japanattitude.fr/blacknsparkle-7089 blacknsparkle-7103 blacknsparkle-7163 blacknsparkle-7184 blacknsparkle-7192

The amazing black cat is Chewie, my kitten, if you don’t know him already ! He’s the sweetest thing ever. No kidding.

blacknsparkle-7241 blacknsparkle-7245

Big up to Florian Fromentin for the amazing pictures and light set. This is exactly what we wanted ! Be sure to check our other Halloween shoot with him.
blacknsparkle-7247« Don’t feed the dead! « 


Stay creepy,
Lily Deer.


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